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Conference on the Rule of St. Albert

Lisieux, France
July 4 - 7, 2005

"Many are the ways ..."

Albert, the Patriarch of Jerusalem provided the Carmelites with their "formula vitae" or Rule between 1204-1214.

The Administrative Board of the Order's Institutum Carmelitanum held a conference of invited international scholars to discuss various aspects of on the Rule of St. Albert.

Approximately two dozen scholars from Italy, Spain, France, Netherlands, Germany, Great Britain, Ireland, and USA met at L’Ermitage in Lisieux, France from July 4 7, 2005. 



Centenary of St. Albert of Trapani

2007 marks the seventh centenary of the death of St. Albert of Trapani. The Institutum Carmelitanum is looking for capable authors who can write scholarly or popular articles about this very important thirteenth-century preacher for whom so many things in our Carmelite Order are named.



Carmelite Heritage Museum Project

The Carmelite Order has made a rich contribution to world culture through the production of art through its 8 centuries of existence.

Many pieces of important Carmelite art, such as stained glass windows at Boppard-am-Rhein, Germany, are already in the world’s great museums. In our virtual museum, we will show you some of the art that is still located in its original sites, often in churches or monasteries of the Carmelite Order.

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Carmelite Library Project

The Order's librarians met in Nantes, France in January 2006 to continue building a network of cooperation between them. Several libraries joined the group for the first time.

This was the fourth meeting of the librarians in the past six years.

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Meeting of the Carmelite Institutes Around the World

The various Institutes affiliated with the Carmelite Order and the members of the International Culture Commission met at L'Ermitage in Lisieux, France on July 8-10, 2005. This was the second meeting of the Institutes since 2001.

A study of ways the Institutes might network with each other as well as the use of the internet in projects of the Institutes were the major focuses of the gathering.

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